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People love to stare at pregnant women

June 17, 2011

My wife is now over 39 weeks and as you have seen from the first posting on this site, her stomach is quite big. She has been described as being all-belly which I guess is a strange compliment. The other day she called me at work and said she did not want to go outside anymore.  She said 4 different people stopped her on the street to ask her when she is due. Apparently being super pregnant is the one time in life when everyone feels the need to talk to you. We have had homeless people shout out congratulations to her. Little kids point with confusion. Our waitress at dinner tonight wished us “good luck with that…having a baby thing”.  People stare at her as we walk down the street with a look on their face that says they are confused by the fact that a woman as pregnant as her is even allowed outside. At least now she always gets a seat on the subway. (My wife did not like when I used to stand over people on the subway and stare at them until they stood up. I only once had to actually ask someone to stand up so she could sit down).

It is truly amazing also how many random strangers in stores, restaurants and on the street have asked my wife when she is due. I have begged my wife to start responding to those people by pretending not to be pregnant, “how dare you, I am not pregnant.”

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  1. June 18, 2011 6:29 am

    I LOVED hearing about the reality that Liz is in! WOW, This Just makes it SO REAL! I Know its been Real for you for a while, but i havent seen you guys in a while.


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