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When will he get here???

June 17, 2011

My wife is due June 21st, 2011. Even though that is the due date, due date’s are a pretty inexact science. They are usually right plus/minus a week or two. Which means that our baby boy could come today, he could come tomorrow or he could come in two weeks. That is freakin’ crazy to me. Baby Kaplan won’t be giving us a heads up. How are we supposed to plan? He could come at 3PM on his due date or at 3AM tonight. Oh MYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I know is one day I will wake up and within 24 hours or so (+/- a few hours) we will be parents. We now make all plans contingent on the baby coming. Do you want to see that movie “Super 8” tomorrow? Sure if we do not have a baby by then. My wife refuses to leave Manhattan now and does not want to venture too far our of our neighborhood because it would suck to be stuck in traffic while trying to get to the hospital or even worse would be having to do a long cab ride with a crazy taxi driver determined to get you to the hospital.

So Baby Kaplan, when are we going to the hospital? I can’t believe one of the biggest events in my life is about to happen today, tomorrow or maybe on July 4th for all I know.

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