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Dear Wifey, I am so sorry…

June 18, 2011

A couple of months ago we took a class in giving birth held at NYU hospital (my wife is actually giving birth at Cornell Hospital in Manhattan but we weren’t free when their class was offered). They went through what a woman should expect leading up to and during labor and then showed us numerous videos about women going through labor and giving birth. This class and these videos should be mandatory for all 12 year-old kids as it would end teen pregnancy (except for those teens who get pregnant in order to audition to be on MTV) and may stop some from ever having sex.  Forget Rosemary’s Baby, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween, these were the scariest movies I have ever seen.  I kept turning to my wife and just apologizing. I keep hoping for her sake that giving birth is not as bad as it looked in those videos (for whatever reason the videos were somewhat grainy and all from the late 80s/early 90s which somehow added to the horror). I wish the story of the stork was true as I really cannot believe this is what my wife will be going through. I believe those who take videos of their children being born must be sick freaks.  My wife seemed to watch the videos in horror as well. But I think she is tougher than me so she’ll be fine. She always says that if men had to give birth there just would not be anymore babies (and I think she may be right).

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