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Why do you call your son Tuk-Tuk?

June 19, 2011

A Tuk-Tuk (pictured above) is a motorized version of the traditional rickshaw.  They are found in many developing countries and are used as taxis.  Tuk-Tuk is also the name of our son. We encountered tuk-tuks when we traveled for two weeks in Thailand in 2007. “Tuk-Tuk” may be one of the more fun words to say (try saying it a lot and you will agree).  I drove my wife (then girlfriend) crazy by saying the word “tuk-tuk” continuously. I am not sure how the transition was made but at some point I decided Tuk-Tuk would be the name of my first child (I am obviously a bit odd). The funny joke I drove my wife crazy with on this trip somehow stuck and our baby boy, Tuk-Tuk was “born”…at least the name. I decided Tuk-Tuk would be the name, boy or girl.  Even after my wife was pregnant I would insist that the real name be Tuk-Tuk Kaplan.  I have had so much fun with this game and my wife has surprisingly not left me.

Later on our baby got a second name, Baby Blue.  I refused to discuss real names until we knew the sex and said if we had a boy, boys like the color blue so we should name him Blue. His future grandparents know him as Baby Blue (Tuk-Tuk never caught on with them). It was also decided that Tuk-Tuk will have a sister named Almalfi (honeymoon in Italy), future twin siblings named Poca – a – Poca (random hotel in Costa Rica that we did not even stay in) and that our neighbor’s kid, Aberdeen Matawan (town in New Jersey) would be a bad influence.  I swear I am not as strange as this all sounds.

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