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Due Date Plus 1: Overtime

June 22, 2011

Yesterday, I was walking with my wife and some guy said “Woah, you must be due any day now,” and her response was, “I am due today.” That was yesterday and today we have entered overtime. This is the point where we want baby to leave the belly. He only had a 9 month lease and it is now up.  It is really crazy that he is still in there. We can see him moving around. Doesn’t he know it would be more comfortable outside the womb.  We went to the doctor this morning and they said he is still good in there and has not shown any signs that he is leaving soon. 

So, why is our baby being disobedient? Here are the top 10 reasons our baby refuses to be born:

  1. He realizes the Mets suck and doesn’t want to have to watch them play with me.
  2. He likes sleeping upside down.
  3. He is waiting to make a grand entrance with fireworks on July 4th.
  4. My wife says he is stubborn like his Dad.
  5. My wife has made it too cozy for him him there, she needs to turn up the heat with some spicy food.
  6. He is ashamed to be born to a world with Anthony Weiner.
  7. He is scared of actually having to see the characters on the Real Housewives and every other bad show my wife watches.
  8. Overtime is always the most exciting part.
  9. He wants to stay in there long enough for BabyCenter to describe him as a large watermelon.
  10. He is trying to come out but he has his Dad’s sense of direction.
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