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Due Date Plus 2: Overtime continues…

June 23, 2011

The above is a quote by Andy Warhol.  Tom Petty says “the waiting is the hardest part.” And, here we are now. I think we are past the stage in which waiting makes it more exciting (it has been 9 months, how much more exciting can it get? The only way it will get more exciting is if my wife decides to get induced while skydiving). We are up to the stage were the waiting is driving us a little crazy.  This is the second day since my wife was due.  Lots of people have reassured us that they too went past their due date and that due dates are an inexact science BUT we are still going crazy. And, our baby has given us no sign as to when he will emerge.  I am at work. I keep checking my phone to make sure I haven’t missed a call or that my crappy phone (thank you verizon/LG) has not shut itself off.  The last few days have seemed extremely long.

From what we can tell, our baby seems ready to go. He seems to be pretty big at this point and takes up my wife’s whole belly. Baby Kaplan randomly sticks out of her belly like we are about to relive a scene from Alien (google the terms Alien and stomach if you want to see this ghastly scene).  His foot sticks out the top, his butt seems to stick out the front, his hands randomly jut out near the bottom. It is as if he is trying to get out every way possible except for the correct exit (maybe we should have posted those red exit signs for him).

We have gotten to the point where we could not be more ready for him to get here. I did not even feel ready last week but now that the due date has past I feel as ready as I am going to be. And, when I say “ready” I do not really mean we are ready to care for a child for the next 18 years or even 18 days. I am sure once the baby gets here we will feel woefully unprepared. I am just saying that this is as good as it gets for us being ready.

I guess there are some positives about waiting and we really should take more time to appreciate them.  Here is a list of five things we will miss and should appreciate more now but will only truly appreciate once the baby gets here (notice a pattern):

  1. Eating a nice quiet dinner together…without a baby crying
  2. Watching our favorite shows…without a baby crying
  3. Sleeping…without a baby crying or should I say getting any sleep at all
  4. Not having to handle fecal matter on a daily basis
  5. And, we will miss not accidentally getting pee’ed on.
It will be awesome once the baby gets here but life will be different. I am not looking forward to the zombie like no sleep/new parent part, but everything else including the daily battles with the poop sound good to me.

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