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Due Date plus 3: Triple OT plus a practice run

June 25, 2011

1AM this morning we thought was go time! There were some definite signs. We called the hospital and they said come in. We grabbed our bag, jumped in a taxi and were home about two hours later.  We were so positive and ready to become parents but everyone else, including our baby thought we were a bit premature. Here are some highlights of our night after we decided to head to the hospital at 1AM:

  • Instead of telling the taxi driver we were going to the hospital we just said corner of 68th and York in order to not freak him out. He looked back at my wife and the bag I was holding and had a look on his face that said “please do not let me screw this up.”
  • On the way to the labor and delivery department on the 7th floor a janitor made us go up a floor on the elevator and come back down the other side in order not to mess up the area he just mopped.
  • We arrived at labor and delivery and told the receptionist of my wife’s contractions. She responded by asking for my wife’s ID and insurance card and having us sit in the waiting chairs for about 10 minutes.
  • We assumed we would be brought into a delivery room but we were instead brought into triage.  Triage is not the delivery room but instead is where they determine if there is any urgency. We were positive that the baby was coming soon and they were positive that we were not staying long. Damn you false labor or beginning labor or whatever you are.
So we were sent home. Labor is confusing. We asked when we should come back in and they gave us a rather confusing answer that we should come back in sometime between when my wife starts to feel excruciating pain and when the baby learns to walk.
So now we sit here and wonder what is next. My wife is in early labor/beginning labor whatever that means. We keep asking google to explain when our baby is coming and we just find answers ranging from later tonight to just in time for Columbus Day. This experience keeps getting more surreal. Last night I was super tired and could not believe we were heading out. Now, I can’t believe we are sitting on the couch watching episodes of Nurse Jackie (oddly our soon to be  Baby Nurse goes by the same name) and trying to make sense of timing the contractions.
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