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Day 2 with Zachary Harrison more Challenging than Day 1

June 30, 2011

If only he would sleep like this more often

Zachary Harrison is now two days old!!! During his first day he slept a lot and was easy to take care of, but today things changed.  I guess at least he was easy to take care of for 50% of his life. Today we met fussy Zachary. Zachary cried a lot and was not easy soothe. Soothing techniques today included everything from having him suck on my pinky finger for a half hour and an hour of patting him on the back in which he would get fussy if I stopped.  The reason for the pinky finger is that Cornell Hospital frowns on pacifiers and when we asked if our baby could have one they initially reacted like I asked, “when is it appropriate to shake the baby?”.  They finally gave in to giving us one but the nurse had to throw in “I do not really believe in them but if you insist.”  They seem to believe pacifiers lead to nipple confusion (which sounds like something you hash out with a therapist when you are 40 yrs old).

What we learned today was that if Zachary is happy and/or sleeping then DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. At one point today he was soundly sleeping and we lowered the lights to make sure he stayed asleep at which point he immediately started crying.  I was wheeling him around the hospital today and he fell soundly asleep.  After 20 minutes of wheeling I returned him to our room and he almost instantaneously started crying.  We also learned today is that Zachary sure likes to fart (at least they are cute farts) and his lungs are super healthy (he would make an excellent car alarm).

Other highlights of the day:

  • My wife was asked how she gets Zachary’s hair to look so cute to which she replied, “well I have been working on it for 9 months,”…wifey made a funny.
  • We took a class on nursing (I was the only male in attendance) where the lactation consultant told us, “did you know that man is the only animal that drinks another animal’s milk?” (they are really big on nursing at the hospital) Her point sounded pretty dramatic until you realize that man is also the only animal that uses soap and an Ipod.
  • We also learned that the average throughout the world is nursing until the child is 4 years old but in the U.S. the average is only the first year. The crazy part is that since the U.S. brings the average down there must be some country where the hardest part about going away to college is that your mom can no longer nurse you.


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