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Zachary is coming home tomorrow!!!

June 30, 2011

Zachary is coming home tomorrow!  We just need to be cleared by the doctors and pediatrician to leave. I was thinking, what would I have to do to not be allowed bring him home tomorrow. Here are the top ten questions that would lead us to not being allowed to bring our baby home tomorrow:

  1. I know we watched that video on not shaking your baby, but truthfully, how old do they have to be before you can shake them?
  2. Is it okay to leave him for the weekend if we leave a bowl of food in his crib?
  3. If the baby gets a part in a movie the money is mine right?
  4. If he has trouble sleeping can we give him Tylenol PM?
  5. What kind of earplugs should we buy to drown out his crying?
  6. How many weeks old does he have to be before we can get him a tattoo?
  7. Does drinking alcohol while nursing make it more likely that the baby will sleep longer?
  8. Do we really have to feed him every day?
  9. How soon is too soon to take him spray tanning?
  10. What is your return policy?
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  1. LaurenV permalink
    June 30, 2011 7:29 pm

    I think #5 is a legit question !

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