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Random Fact of the Day about Zachary: He does not like to stay in a poop filled diaper

July 2, 2011

Zachary is actually in the process of taking a big poop in this picture

My wife was just trying to feed Zach and she was like, “he seems hungry, I don’t get it. He won’t eat and he keeps being fussy and crying.” The reason is that he pooped and Zach hates sitting in a poop filled diaper. I have read that other babies will not react and it can cause infections if they sit in it too long. Not Zach, shortly after he poops he goes to four alarm fire crying and turns beet red without passing go. Once his diaper is changed he goes right  back to mellow Zach.  I guess the fact that Zach does not like sitting in poop is not a shocking revelation.

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