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Is my baby getting shorter???

July 4, 2011

When Zachary was first born they told us he weighed 7Ibs and half and ounce and was 20 inches tall.  It is fairly typical for babies to lose weight in the first few days of their life so when we went to the pediatrician we were not surprised to learn Zachary now weighed 6Ibs 12 ounces. What did surprise us was that she said he was 19.3 inches. I know he might lose weight but how did he get shorter? Was he going to keep getting shorter and end up with a show on TLC, “Small Baby, Big World.” She explained that in the hospital when he is first born they are reluctant to fully stretch out the baby and sometimes take an estimate.

Also, when they gave us his height in the hospital they actually said 50 centimeters. My wife said she looked it up and that 50 cm = 20 inches (I just double checked and it is actually 19.7 cm). I have no idea why they would give us his height only in centimeters in the hospital. Don’t they  understand that we are the one goddamn place on earth that has no idea what to do with the metric system.

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  1. July 4, 2011 10:28 pm

    Maybe they estimated his weight too. You’d think for the thousands of dollars they charge they’d have come up with a more accurate measuring system.

  2. LaurenV permalink
    July 6, 2011 9:44 pm

    V’s height changed constantly, according to the measurements. She was 18 inches or whatever at birth, then 20 inches, then 19.5, then 21. I think until the kid can stand against a wall height is pretty hard to do and it’s just an approximation.

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