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My Baby Makes Powerful and Convincing Arguments

July 6, 2011

Sometimes my wife and I have disagreements with Zachary. Sometimes we think it is time for him to eat or time for bed and he disagrees. We make well thought out arguments. For example “Listen Zachary, it is important that you go to sleep right now because mommy and daddy are really tired and we have had very little sleep tonight,” and “Zachary, it is important you stay awake while eating because if you don’t you will not get enough food and be hungry in less than an hour,” and “Zachary, it is important you stay still while we are changing you or I might end up getting your poop all over your legs.”  As good as our arguments are they are no match for Zachary’s well reasoned response (see video above). We are thinking of entering Zachary in national debate competitions as we do not think he will ever lose (or at least back down).


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