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I go back to work and the baby stays home: What I missed today

July 7, 2011

Today was my first day back at work. When I left the above picture was what I saw. It was tough to leave the little guy especially when he looked so cute and peaceful this morning. This was the longest I have been away from him in his entire life (mind you that is a short time span). Even though I like my job, it felt weird to be there today instead of being with Zachary. It was weird to go back to the every day life I had before when things had changed so much. I definitely missed the little guy and had to call my wife a couple of times to check up on him. I was also extremely tired this morning from waking up throughout the night. Even though I usually try to avoid coffee, if this keeps up I may consider developing a cocaine habit.

So what did I miss today according to my wife:

  • Apparently the moment I left was the last moment of peace she had today. Zachary was either crying or nursing the entire day. His plan seemed to be to cry just to burn energy so he could eat more. My wife said she ended up feeding him almost every hour.
  • Today Zachary had a pediatrician appointment. Apparently he cried all the way through the appointment. I don’t blame him since yesterday he had his Bris, he probably was just scared about what this doctor might slice off.
  • Last week Zachary weighed 6 Ibs 12 oz. Today he weighed 7 Ibs 2 oz. My boy likes to eat and is getting fatter!!!! I am very happy about this.
  • The pediatrician said he is in the top 25% for his weight and height. I have no idea what to think of this and really do not understand why they tell you this. Can’t we wait at least wait until elementary school before comparing him to all the other kids? Should I be disappointed that he is only the top 25% and not the top 10%?
When I came home Zachary did not really acknowledge that I had been gone so long. I am really unsure as to whether he knows who I am yet.
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