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I am fairly certain our baby has no idea who we are

July 11, 2011

Zachary does not care who this person is who is feeding him as long as he is getting fed.

Initially, newborns cannot see very well. They just see blurriness and are definitely not able to recognize people. Supposedly, they can recognize at least their mother early on by voice. I have seen how our little Zachary reacts when held by us and when held by others. It really does not seem to matter who is holding him as long as they are holding him in a comfortable position. I am positive that Zachary has no idea who we are and quite certain that if tomorrow another family took over raising him and called him by a different name he would not notice or even skip a beat. This is not a comforting thought. I will be pretty psyched when Zachary has a clue who I am.

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