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Let’s hope Zachary does not inherit his Dad’s inability to accept change

July 11, 2011

At my wife’s request I recently replaced my old pillows with a pair of new pillows. My wife really wanted me to finally replace my pillows because my previous pillows where really old. I previously slept on two king sized pillows that I have had since at maybe 4th or 5th grade. I am really not sure exactly how old they were but my wife concluded that they were disgusting (she probably has a point).  I used to sleep on two pillows but now I am sleeping on a new fluffier pillow that is taking me a while to get used to (my wife refuses to let me go back to my old pillows which I did last time she tried to make me switch pillows). We are now each sleeping on one of these new pillows in an effort to flatten them out so I can go back to sleeping on two pillows. I also have t-shirts that I still wear that are old enough to have children.  Where am I going with this? I do not like change. My wife is praying this is not hereditary for the sake of young Zachary.

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