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There’s a storm a coming

July 13, 2011

He may look small and innocent but I am scared.

Zachary is two weeks old today. Things have been good up to this point but things are about to get SO much harder.  On Thursday, our baby nurse will be leaving us and we will be on our own. Yes, for the for first two weeks of Zachary’s life we have hired a baby nurse who has lived with us and helped us care for him. When he has an awful poop she is there to change him. When he is fussy and will not stop crying we have her. When we want to sleep a little more we have her to give him a bottle in the middle of the night. Very soon it will just be us. A baby nurse is comforting to have because you have someone to guide you. It is a way to ease yourself into parenting. It is kind of like playing baseball off a tee or training wheels on a bike. Starting Thursday we will be thrust into the big leagues facing 95 mph fastballs and be forced to ride our bike with traffic on the highway.  I am scared. What do we do if he doesn’t stop crying? How are we going to figure this stuff out. I apologize in advance to you Zachary for anything we screw up. Please give your parents a fighting chance in this battle to raise you.

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