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How do you know if your baby likes that?

July 16, 2011

One question we get asked all the time by visitors is, “how do you know if your baby Zachary likes that?” In the video above you see Zachary in an electric swing. It looks like it goes rather fast so naturally the question is whether he is comfortable and can he really relax when it goes so fast. We get the same type of questions all the time such as how do you know he likes it in the stroller or how do you know he likes being swaddled or how do you know he isn’t too hot or too cold. The simple answer is that Zachary has a very efficient and extremely loud way of letting us know of his discomfort or unhappiness. He is not someone who holds back his opinion to make you feel better. He won’t pretend to like a gift or idea you have because you are sensitive. If he does not like something he will CRY LIKE HIS LUNGS ARE GOING TO BURST. So as long as he is not crying we pretty much assume he likes it. And, if he falls asleep doing it such as when he falls asleep in the swing then it shows that he LOVES it and we LOVE anything that will make him fall asleep. I wish adult people were as easy to read. It would make choosing a restaurant or bar or sharing things much easier if your adult friends would just cry relentlessly if they disagreed with you…on second thought maybe this would not work so well.

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  1. Janet permalink
    July 16, 2011 11:05 pm

    He is just adorable!!!! I gotta tell ya though I was dizzy watching him swing!!! I wonder if he get’s dizzy???? Congrat’s very cute….Janet at Hilltop

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