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Now that you are parents, what is the one gift or item you have gotten that you would advise all parents to get???

July 17, 2011

We have been asked this question a bunch of times and, in truth, we have gotten so  many amazing gifts. We got a video monitor that gives us comfort at night and is an item we cannot live without. The electric swing is a great place for relaxing him. He loves his play mat. Our friends were extremely generous with clothing (including an amazing friend who shipped many boxes of the cutest hand-me-downs ever). We were even given an awesome piggy bank. But, if I had to pick one item that is far and away more vital than any other item it is the soothie (as pictured above). The soothie is a special type of pacifier that our baby loves. The soothie allows you to stick your finger with the pacifier in your baby’s mouth and the design is brilliant. We tried a regular pacifier and our baby reacted like I put dog food in his mouth. Somehow the soothie can turn an extreme freak out into a relaxing moment. It works so well that I think they should change the name from “soothie” to “Baby Xanax”.


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