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Forget solar, wind or water power, the best form of renewable energy we have in this country is the gas that comes out of my baby’s butt…and other random facts about my 3 week old…

July 23, 2011

I never realized how big of a problem it can be for babies to release gas. Our baby is a little more than 3 weeks old and we cheer when he farts (no one ever cheers when I fart). I hope he does not get the wrong idea from our positive reinforcement. He can get so agitated and you can tell he is trying so hard to get something out. He seems so relieved when he finally farts. We are very glad for him and are thinking of giving him gold stars for farting.

Other random thoughts/facts:

  • Our baby can poop and eat literally at the same time (and does this often). You would think operating these two functions simultaneously would be self-defeating.
  • Our baby has yet to figure out how to use his hands. Actually, he has yet to figure out he has hands. We are pretty sure he doesn’t understand that he is operating his hands. So far, he just tends to flail them and accidentally scratch his face (the scratching is actually a problem).
  • I am not sure that our baby blinks. Zachary has the biggest eyes but I only see them wide open or slowly close. Maybe newborns don’t need to blink (google answered this question).
  • We just received in the mail my son’s birth certificate. It comes with a pamphlet from the state explaining do’s and don’t’s for your baby. It has warnings about shaking your baby with a number to call if you feel like you are losing it. If the state is really worried about this why wait until after you have had the baby for three extremely stressful weeks before sending this pamphlet to you?
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