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My baby only knows how to cry like it is a life or death situation

July 24, 2011

I do not know why my baby son Zachary can’t understand that we are going to keep feeding him. He is now 26 days old and for the past 26 days, 24 hours a day we have fed him every 3 hours and sometimes every hour (our boy loves to eat). We never forget. We never miss a feeding. Yet every time he is hungry he cries like he is fairly certain he will never eat again. Zachary cries like we are some evil overlords that may decide at our whim to starve him to death.  There is a pattern here Zachary, we are going to keep feeding you. At times when feeding him I will remove the bottle in order to burp him and if he is not ready to stop eating he will cry out “OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE!!!” (at least that is my translation of what he is crying).  I love him so much but maybe the worst his when I am preparing his bottle and he is losing it the whole time screaming “HURRY UP BECAUSE I WILL BE DEAD SOON!!!” (again obviously a translation).  I try so hard to defy the laws of physics and heat the bottle up faster but it never seems to heat up any faster.

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