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Is our baby dead or just asleep???

July 26, 2011

Zachary on video monitor

Every night we stare at our video monitor reality show (it’s like Jersey Shore with less whining). Zachary’s room is far enough away from ours that we worry that we will not hear him cry without the monitor. The monitor also helps because it tells us when he is not crying. While trying to fall asleep I usually lay in bed listening for any little sound and assume it is Zachary crying. I will be ready to get out of bed to go get him and then look at the  monitor and see that our baby is sound asleep. Zachary actually looks so peaceful when he is sleeping that my wife and I constantly struggle with the question “Is he resting peacefully or resting permanently?” I know he is okay and so does my wife but my wife insists on checking on him when he is sleeping at least once a night. She will go over to him and touch his chest to make sure he is still breathing (is she crazy???). I tell her if she wakes the sleeping lion she has to deal with him. Our baby can go from a peaceful rest to a roar like cry so fast that he will make you so sorry for checking to see if he is okay.

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