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8Ibs 15.4 Oz, 20.6 inches, my boy is getting big

July 27, 2011

Our baby gained almost 22 oz in two weeks. Yeah, go Zachary!!! Zachary had his one month check-up at the pediatrician today (Zachary actually turns one month tomorrow). She said he was in good health. Some highlights:

  • Upon removing his diaper for the nurse Zachary let loose a big stream of pee. The nurse commented that she did not realize when she took this job that it would constantly involve her cleaning up poop and pee. I am beginning to think Zachary pees more when his diaper is off than when it is on.
  • After the nurse left, we waited for the pediatrician. We had put a fresh diaper on Zachary and he promptly pooped in that diaper. My wife and I then debated if we needed to change him again before the pediatrician got there. My losing argument was that the pediatrician was going to take off his diaper again anyhow and he might not have been done pooping. My wife’s winning argument: “Are you for real?”.
  • We had noticed some redness and dryness on his face. The pediatrician told us he had cap head. When I explained to her that he does not wear a hat she explained that cap hair meant baby dandruff (why would she not just say baby dandruff?). Apparently our baby might need  Head & Shoulders.
  • The pediatrician told us at this point Zachary should be eating 1-3 oz when he eats. We told her he usually eats 5 oz she said that was way too much. As I have said before, our boy likes to eat.
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