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A Tale of Two Babies…

July 27, 2011


TRIVIA QUESTION: Which of these babies is our baby boy, Zachary?:

BABY A: This baby is extremely easy to deal with. He is happy and rarely cries. He is extremely calm while eating and enjoys listening to music and being read to. He also enjoys having his arms and legs played with. He does not problem staying awake to play but will go right to bed when it is time for him to sleep.

BABY B: This baby is extremely fussy. He is hard to deal with throughout the day. He cries uncontrollably at times and is hard to calm down. He spits up a lot during feedings and kicks a lot while you are holding him because he is gassy. He barely plays as when he calms down as he just goes to sleep. Though he never goes to sleep when you want him to do so.

ANSWER: Both babies are Zachary, the big difference is which parent is holding him. For some reason over the last couple of days Zachary has been an absolute delight for his Daddy and an absolute menace for his Mommy. I came home from work yesterday and he was crying like crazy. I took him from my wife to give her a break and our baby went immediately calm. For almost two hours I read to him, played music for him, played with his arms and legs, and fed him. It was awesome. My wife is baffled by this but for some reason I have had a calming effect on him as of late while he has been anything but calm for her. I keep telling her this is a coincidence and I am sure the trend will reverse. It has become a big joke in our household that baby Zachary will only behave for Daddy.

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  1. July 27, 2011 5:36 pm

    let me start by saying that this is by NO means a judgement but could it be because you’ve been (somewhat) relaxing all day at work and looking forward to coming home to see him, while wifey has been catering to his every whim while sleep deprived and physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted? your wife needs to have a drink (if she’s not breastfeeding she needs to have 2 or even 3!) and she needs to go get a massage or a pedicure or some other relaxing activity away from screaming baby and (presumably) a house that needs tending to. also, please tell her that all moms, even the REALLY really good ones, occasionally feel like they want to slap their babies… i’m not saying that she feels that way … i’m just saying if she did fell that way, it would be alright 🙂


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