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I clearly jinxed myself with our baby because of my earlier blog post

July 28, 2011

Earlier today I wrote a post commenting on how calm our baby Zachary is for me while he is so difficult as of late for his Mommy. Well today I came home expecting to spend a relaxed night with Zachary but he had other plans. He must have read this blog and decided he was going to teach me a lesson. I held him and fed him and over the course of an hour and a half he tortured the crap out of me. There was lots of crying uncontrollably (Zachary and me) and kicking and squirming. I really missed how good it was over the last few days.

When I fed him tonight I tried to only give him 3 oz of milk as recommended by the pediatrician. The pediatrician said that it only appears that he wants to eat more because he likes the sucking motion and we could just give him the pacifier after he finishes 3 oz. She is WRONG as he did not want the pacifier, he wanted to his 5 oz. I gave him 3 oz and he freaked when there was no more milk. My wife prepared another ounce for him but he freaked when that was gone. He would not relax until he got his full 5 oz.

His relaxing from being full did not last long. Feeding him will get him calm but I could also tell Zachary was super tired tonight. Usually when I am tired I will just shut my eyes and go to sleep. Zachary prefers to freak out uncontrollably until he can be swaddled and rocked to sleep.


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