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July 31, 2011

The above is the original picture we took on Thursday of Zach on his 1 month birthday doing his best impression of a baby possessed by Satan. It took a bunch of takes before we got a decent picture. He has not been a happy baby since Thursday. You’ll notice from the picture his face looks red and blotchy. Cradle Cap is baby dandruff. For some reason the dry skin and rash can spread. Zach now has the cradle cap all over his face and on his upper back. He has also been extremely cranky ever since this skin condition has appeared though we have been told that it does not bother him. To us, it sure seems like it bothers him but he does not seem to know how to operate his hands in order to scratch.  Our pediatrician recommended Aquafor and baby dandruff shampoo. We have been using both and we can’t tell if it is getting better. And, when he crys his face gets extremely red like above. I have no comical take or funny thing to say about this. Oh man….

My wife read that the crying peaks for a baby around their 6th week when they cry for 3 hours a day. This means that the crying is going to increase over the next two weeks kind of like how the length of a day increases every day until we reach the longest day of the year on June 21st. I am not sure we will survive an increase in crying. Oh man…

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  1. July 31, 2011 12:45 am

    when Avery had cradle cap, a friend of mine who is an infant teacher at a daycare told me to rub her head with the rougher side of her washcloth during and after her bath. and to add some baby oil if i wanted. it worked for us, but it wasn’t that bad to begin with. just a thought to try if you’re out of ideas. ALSO our absolute favorite baby lotion is Buritti Baby from The Body Shop. oh and also, that is the cutest picture of satan that’s ever been taken. nicely done.

  2. Tegan Stech permalink
    February 12, 2013 2:24 am

    When your baby is first born she will perfect to you in every way, even if she has flaws like many babies do. There are any number of scars or imperfections that you may discover on your baby, but nothing is quite as unnerving as when cradle cap first appears. When my daughter was born I was well aware of this problem and the fact that it would most likely happen to her at some point in the first few months of her life. I had taken the time to read up on the condition and thought I was fully prepared for whenever it would happen. I read all of the advice about not letting the appearance of cradle cap upset me, and I was fully determined to stick to my guns and treat it casually when the time came.’

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