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What are we reading to our baby/how are we boring our baby to sleep?

July 31, 2011

They say it is very important to read to your baby even though the baby can’t understand what you are saying. Reading to them helps them develop language skills. When they only a month old like my young Zachary it is recommended that you do not worry about reading them baby books but instead just read them whatever you are interested in reading. What I have discovered is that my taste in reading material is really boring. I read to my baby the NY Times and the Economist and the book I am currently reading, “Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism”. A week ago I was reading to my baby an article on changes in the adjustable rate mortgage market and not only did my baby fall asleep I almost did too. I was reading him an article yesterday on the debt ceiling and I had to stop half way because I could not believe how dry the crap I read is.  Reading it out loud really amplifies how boring the articles I read about politics and economics are. I try reading them with an excited voice to my baby but it is just too tough to keep the energy up when reading articles about the civil strife in Yemen. I have also found that I am just not very good at reading  out loud. If my baby could understand what I was saying he might think I was illiterate. The worst is when I come to a word I can’t pronounce or don’t understand. I just gloss over it as it is not like he will know the difference. My wife reads OK Magazine and People to him. I am glad to say Zachary seems as bored with articles about Lindsay Lohan as he is with articles involving the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Agency. I like to pretend that at the very least our baby enjoys hearing me read to him the New Yorks Mets box scores.

Btw: It is amazing how little baby’s understand. Here is how it went when I tried explaining the debt ceiling to my baby “Well, our government has only approved a certain amount of debt our country can borrow and that is called a debt ceiling. What is a government? Well a government is a group of officials elected by the people charged with creating and maintaining order in a society. What is a society? Well a society is a group of people who share the same land mass and are subject to the same basic set of rules. What are rules? Well, rules are guidelines for how a society…forget it, I have no idea, ask your mom.”

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