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I really enjoy bath time…

August 3, 2011

Our baby boy can drive us a little crazy. He can cry and be fussy a lot. Yesterday, when I came home from work I could hear him crying when I got off the elevator to our floor and was really tempted to turn around and head back to work. Besides the crying, he is great. One thing I have really come to enjoy is bath time.  Zachary always reacts the same way to bath time. He will start off by screaming and being fussy but once we start pouring the warm water on him he just chills. He does not mind us washing his body or his hair. He kind of just relaxes the whole time like he is getting the royal treatment (how often in life do people voluntarily bath you unless you have been crippled in an accident). The only problem with bath time is we have to always make it go fast. Without fail Zachary always pisses in the bath tub which leads me to ask my wife insane questions like, “Should we drain the tub, I mean it was only a small amount of piss, it is bad if he soaks in his own urine?” And, we have the constant fear that he will poop in the tub. It hasn’t happened yet but I know it will happen soon and I will probably cry. We try to only bath him when it has been a while since he last ate. So far that has worked for us and bath time has been fun.

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