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I cannot believe I have been away so long but…

August 15, 2011

I have been out of town for a little over a week at two family weddings in Seattle and Breckenridge, Colorado and I am finally back.  It feels like I have been gone forever. My wife and baby could not come to the weddings because my baby is too young to fly and so she spent the week with the baby at her parents in Long Island. I felt like I was in some parallel universe for the week. I went from having the extreme responsibility of raising a baby to a carefree existence. It was truly weird and I missed my wife and son so much. When I booked this trip many months ago I did not realize how hard it would to be away. While I had fun at the weddings, I felt extremely guilty to have left my wife with the considerable responsibility of taking care of our baby. I also felt so bad to be missing a week of my young son’s life (I missed everything about him including his poop…and that is saying a lot). I have missed week 6 of my baby’s life and it just feels awful. I am actually at my apartment now alone. We are moving apartments tomorrow and my wife is still with our baby in Long Island. I will be seeing Zachary tomorrow for the first time in over a week and I am wondering if I will notice changes. She says he is bigger now. It is so crazy. I wonder if he will still recognize me (though I am not sure he has ever recognized me or my wife).

So how did my wife do with our baby this past week while I was gone. She had help from her parents but he seemed to be fairly fussy this week. The “C” word has been uttered a number of times (Colicky). I thought the best way to share my wife’s adventures with Zachary is through a series of text messages I received from my wife throughout the week (here are her unedited texts):

8/5/11 (day I left for Seattle) 6:02 PM: love u. miss u already. have a good flight and let me know what its like to sleep.

8/6/11 4:14AM: ugh v bad night. not sleeping at all.

8/7/11 12:20PM: It wasn’t too bad. he slept 6.5 hrs but still woke up at 3. then was more or less up except for a quick nap in the between until 7. then he slept until 10.

8/7/11 8:19PM: we gave him 2 ounces but then he passed out. he is in the bouncy seat sleeping. dont know what to do now. either let him sleep till he wakes up or try to wake him and feed him and put him down (my feeling is you NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY UNLESS THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE).

8/7/11 9:29PM: he woke up on his own. now just fed him again. pretty sure this night is gonna be a disaster. should have just fed him 5 ounces at 7 and swaddled.

8/8/11 1:26AM: he already woke up once 1230. guess i am not sleeping at all tonight. how is wedding.

8/8/11 1:48AM: he went down but i had to pump bc i was low on bottles bc he ate so much last night.

8/8/11 1:56AM: ok going to bed for an hour until he prob wakes up again.

8/8/11 4:24PM: ok, i keep putting him in different contraptions until he gets fussy. then i move him. its tiring lol

8/8/11 4:26PM: he also just spit up a lot all over me.

8/8/11 8:51PM: he went down at 8. gonna pump and watch some tv and then go to bed until he wakes up prolly 2 hrs later knowing my luck.

8/9/11 3:56AM: he slept till 230. just got him down but it is def a restless sleep ugh.

8/10/11 12:38PM: I think he is growing out of the up to 10 pound diapers. oh man. he also made a massive poop. had to throw out his onesie (baby clothing…she ended up throwing out two onesies for the week and barely saved a pair of baby pants from being too far gone with poop to save).

8/10/11 2:43PM: he is being super fussy today. i think he is overeating. keeps spitting up too. dont really know what to do about that.

8/10/11 3:01PM: i think feeding him less more often would be better but he cries out in hunger. also when he is awake i am already feeding him ever 1.5 hrs.

8/10/114:52PM: i am walking him outside in the stroller but he wakes up every time i bring him back inside.

8/10/11 9:22PM: still trying to get him to bed. he is kind of fussy/hyped up.

8/11/11 3:09PM: he was fussy then the last hr he was pretty much fine. just chilling but had to be held. now we r in the car and he is sleeping. had to bring his bottle with us so we will see how  that goes.

8/11/11 6:03PM: he is doing ok. in the car and awake but happy. had a little scare he choked on the medela bottle when we were out. never using that again.

8/12/11 5:07AM: he slept 815 to 4. that over 7 hrs (THIS WAS UNBELIEVABLE NEWS…i think my wife must have used a tranquilizer gun)

8/12/11 4:37PM: hey watching zachy. will call when my mom gets home. he is being really good today.

8/13/11 1:35AM: ugh he woke up at 1. so much for the long stretches.

8/14/11 4:46AM: he woke up at 3. did 7 hrs again. but now wont go back to bed. he slept 45 min.

8/14/11 3:47PM: he was doing the jersey shore fist pump before. it was was so cute.


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