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Our baby does a great Homer Simpson impersonation

August 17, 2011

Last night our baby slept and then he slept and then he slept some more.  We put him down at 9PM and he did not wake up until 5:40AM. He is 7 weeks old and slept for 8 hours and 40 minutes. For babies that is like running a 4 minute mile. It was truly insane. We woke up at like 3AM and were shocked that he was not up. We struggled to sleep after that as we waited for him to wake. My wife checked at least three times to see if he was still alive and had me check once.  I was really hoping he would hit the 9 hour mark. I am sure tonight he will be up every hour as this is just too good to last.  He also topped last night’s sleep off by eating a ton this morning and then going back to sleep for another three hours.  He looks so peaceful when he is swaddled. I am thinking about having my wife swaddle me tonight so I can sleep better.

On a side note, one crazy thing is that the Simpsons will probably still be on the air by the time Zachary is old enough to watch. And, by then the number of terrible seasons of the Simpsons will outnumber greatly the number of good seasons. The Simpsons had a golden age when it was the funniest show on television. Now, it is mediocre crappy show that should have been cancelled over ten years ago. I wish Conan O’Brien would give up his late night gig and go back to writing for the Simpsons.

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