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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…and how our baby will react after his shots!!!

August 17, 2011

My wife and I are extremely afraid. We know something awful is coming and we have no way of stopping it. We are about to face a torture worse than any Saw movie could imagine. Our baby today at 3PM will be going to the pediatrician to get his immunization shots. These shots are very necessary as they will strengthen our baby’s immune system and allow us to bring him around more people without worrying (or at least that is what I am telling myself to get me through this). While necessary, they also mean that we may be in for an incredibly bad few days.  I do not like getting shots at the doctor but at least I know what to expect and that the doctor is not some sick masochist who is trying to hurt me. Our baby Zachary has no idea what is going on and there is an extremely good chance he will not react well to getting jabbed with needles. They say some babies barely react to getting their immunization shots. Other babies cry for hours endlessly (at least according to message boards we found online). As Zachary is normally fussy without having been stabbed with a needle, I am betting his reaction is the latter and we are in for quite an awful night. Babies can also get a mild fever from these shots which surely will not help. They can also get redness and soreness where the shot was given (man these shots may be the horrible gift that keeps on giving). Oh man,  I think water boarding would be more humane than what my wife and I are about to experience. One thing is certain, if Zachary does not cry and takes these shots well then I am going out and buying like 20 lottery tickets (I can’t waste that kind of luck).

On a side note: my wife had offered to schedule the pediatrician appointment for early this morning before I went to work. I told her to schedule it in the middle of the day because I thought that would be easier for her. There ended up being a miscommunication in which I thought she was trying to do me a favor by making the appointment early. NOPE, turns out she was trying to schedule it early because she was in terror of going alone. I am pretty sure now that my wife wants to strangle me for making her go alone to the pediatrician for  Zachary’s shots (and the only thing that is stopping her from physically hurting me is the thought that I might be incapacitated and unable to help with an out of control baby later).

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