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After sleeping almost 9 hours straight on Tuesday night, how did my boy do last night?

August 18, 2011

On Tuesday night we put Zach down at 9PM and he woke up at 5:40AM. Would we be so lucky last night? Last night we put him down at 8:30PM and he woke up at…11:30PM, oh well.  I got him back down at 12:30 and he woke up next at 5:30AM so still a pretty good night. And my wife and I, we are tired today, we were tired yesterday and we can no longer imagine a day when we won’t be tired.

Zach also had his shots yesterday. My wife said he screamed like he was being murdered (which is basically how he always screams). But, on the positive side he was not all that bad last night. He was fussy but not more than usual which means I have to buy that lottery ticket.  The pediatrician said he might get a fever from the shots so we took his temperature which was 100.1 degrees but she had said anything under 100.4 degrees was fine.

At the check up, Zachary weighed in at 9 Ibs 15 oz which means he would probably be over 10 Ibs by this weekend. My boy is getting big!!!

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