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Hurricane Irene vs. Hurricane Zach

August 27, 2011

We live in Manhattan on the upper east side. We keep getting calls from extremely concerned relatives who think that Hurricane Irene may be the end of us. We keep getting comments such as, “are you prepared?”, “do you have batteries and water to last you a few days?”, “what will you do after mankind is wiped out tomorrow?”. We have received a number of offers from concerned relatives who have suggested that we wait out the storm with them in outside the city. While everyone’s concern is extremely appreciated, we will be fine. I am not remotely concerned (though my wife thinks I am crazy for not being concerned). People seem to be freaking out. I saw a woman sprint out of Duane Reade earlier after buying bottles of water. I am convinced this storm is just a marketing ploy by the bottle water companies. I understand Mayor Bloomberg’s motives for going on TV and scaring everyone about the storm. He dropped the ball on the blizzard this past winter and does not want to have that happen again. If the storm turns out to be mild tomorrow nobody is going to be pissed at Mayor Bloomberg that the storm was not worse.

Why am I not concerned? These storms are always overblown on the news. Hurricane Irene has already been downgraded to a category 1 hurricane. I am not saying it won’t be bad, I am saying that we will be fine because we live in the city. We live in a big building. Our building is not going to be blown down and I would be shocked if we lose power. What am I worried about? I am worried scared of Hurricane Zach. I do not know how our baby will react to the hurricane tomorrow. We may be in for a long and horrible day of trying to calm a freaked out baby. Hurricane Zach is so much more powerful and will do so much more damage than Hurricane Irene…at least in our world. 

Also, if they want us to be concerned about the hurricane they should name it better. I would be much more frighted if they said Hurricane Bonecrusher is coming tomorrow. Irene is the name of the old woman that lives down the hall who is clearly in a domestic partnership with the seven cats she owns.

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