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Going on vacation with our baby is better known as doing the same thing in a different location

August 28, 2011

We went with my wife’s family to stay in a house in the Hamptons for a week. We had a great time. What did we do while we were there? Most of what we do while we are home. We were tired when we left for vacation and we are tired now that we are back.  Our “vacation” consisted of changing lots of diapers, getting up at all hours of the night and getting spit up upon (and pooped upon if you were lucky like me). But it was a vacation because we got a lot of help from grandma, grandpa and aunty. Getting help with Zach is a super vacation for us.  We also got to go to the beach, check out some nice towns and chill by the pool at the house we were staying in. The Hamptons were really nice but I would have been cool with chilling in Tulsa, Oklahoma if it meant having help with Zach. Here are some highlights of the trip:

  • Zach has now slept in four different homes in a month (our old apartment, our new apartment, his grandparents and the hamptons). He must think he was born into a band of traveling gypsies. Like his dad, Zach does not like change and he managed to torture us the first night of vacation by waking every 45 minutes (his sleeping did get better throughout the trip thankfully).
  • Zach slept through the two towns we walked through. The towns we walked through were just a bunch of high end stores. I envy Zach because I wish I could just go to sleep when my wife wants to go shopping.
  • Zach continually melted everyone’s heart with his smile. He smiles now and it is awesome!
  • Zach amazed everyone with how much he poops. We brought two packs of diapers totaling  160 diapers and went through at least 100 diapers in the week.
  • Zach introduced his extended family to the term restless vacation. When Zach’s grandfather dropped us off last night at our apartment in the city grandpa commented that he would finally get a good night’s sleep now that the vacation was over.
  • This highlight does not really involve Zach but I am really hopeful that Zach does not have my sense of direction. I went for a run the first day we were in the Hamptons and did not return to the house for almost three hours and had to be brought back to the house in a car by a nice woman and her daughter who discovered me lying in the hot sun by the side of the road. Needless to say the three mile run I was going on did not go as planned and a major note to self: when in an unfamiliar place it may be a good idea to actually remember what street you are staying on and try not to make a series of turns on your run when everything kind of looks the same.
  • Quote of the week is from Zach’s Aunt when she said, “Good thing you have a cute baby, it would suck if he were ugly.”
  • Finally, we kept Zach in our bedroom at night during the trip which is different from home where he has his own room. After experiencing sharing a bedroom with my son for a week, I really do not know how other parents do it. There are a lot of parents out there who have their baby sleep in in their room for the first few months and this seems like torture.  We had to be so quiet at night to make sure not to wake him. We also found out that Zach makes a lot of odd sounds at night while he sleeps which continually freaked us out (I guess these sounds were not as noticeable over the baby monitor).
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