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My wife vs. Cradle Cap: An intervention may be needed

August 29, 2011

My wife has a problem. She doesn’t like cradle cap. Cradle Cap is essentially dry and red skin. It does not look nice and it was covering most of my boy’s body including his face for a while. My boy’s cradle cap is now almost gone and his face is completely clear of it. While his cradle cap has been disappearing it made a reappearance last week and this has driven my wife over the edge. She rubs Aquaphor all over him to combat the cradle cap. Aquafor is a greasy lotion that is supposed to help our baby’s skin and it may work, we are not sure. My wife so fears the reemergence of cradle cap that she greases our boy up like five times a day. She seriously covers him in grease. She can’t stop herself from greasing our baby up. All I can think about is the above scene with lunch lady Doris. I continually say to my wife, “Have you got any grease?…then grease my baby up woman.” But seriously, she has to be stopped. She is out of control. If anyone knows of a 12 step program that would be helpful please let me know. I don’t think my boy can take anymore grease.

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