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Matching outfits are cruel to both father and son

September 1, 2011

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: There is picture of me when I was eight years old wearing a red and blue striped shirt standing next to my father who is wearing the same exact shirt. That picture is etched in my memory as the dorkiest moment of my entire childhood (and I had some dorky moments). I think most of my problems going forward in life stemmed from that picture. It is just so cruel to make your child suffer through matching outfits.  Please mommies and daddies, no matter how cute you think matching outfits are just remember you are scarring your child. The other day I left the house wearing a red t-shirt and khaki colored shorts. When I returned my son was wearing almost the same exact outfit (as pictured above). My wife claims this was an accident and she did not even remember what I was wearing.  I do not believe her. Please resist your urge to think this photo is cute. I am positive that in twenty years my son will be referencing this photo in therapy. Sorry son, your Mommy is cruel.


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