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We have become the people everyone hates

September 2, 2011

Here is the scene. A couple we are friends with has come over our apartment to hang out and meet Zach. We are hanging out with them for a while having a lovely conversation when one of our friends gets up, walks over to the window and jumps out as he has decided he would rather try and survive a fall from a third floor window than try and survive an evening with us. While this has not actually happened yet, we have become the people you hate. We have become the people who only have the ability to talk about our baby. We can converse on another topic for a few minutes but we will always bring it back to a story about our baby. We had friends over the other night and I believe we dominated 85% of the conversation with story after story about our baby. We even joked about how all we talk about is our baby and then proceeded to keep talking about our baby. This has become a recurring pattern. We put people to sleep with our “funny” stories about our baby. The strange thing is that on our own we are not so bad but when we are together, no matter who we are hanging out with, we can’t stop talking about our baby. The truth is this is what is going on in our lives and it is pretty exciting to us and extremely boring to everyone else. So, next time you hang out with us I will completely understand if you choose to drink heavily or just close your eyes and fall asleep. We won’t be offended, we understand. And, if we ever insist that you watch videos of our baby than feel free to never speak to us again. I think the real reason people with kids end up only hanging out with other people with kids is because those are the only other people on Earth who can stand to be around them.

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  1. September 2, 2011 1:02 pm

    Amen, brother

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