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Whatever you do, don’t remove that bottle!!!

September 3, 2011

Our baby has a problem which means we have a problem. Our baby has problems with gas. We have been told that the best way to deal with this is to burp him a couple of times throughout his feeding. This means we have to remove the bottle at certain points during the feeding. I try to look for appropriate pauses where I can take the bottle away but there are none. When that bottle is removed in the middle of a feeding Zach goes from a happy baby eating his milk to a demonically possessed baby in a matter of seconds. This makes burping him fairly tough at times. My wife does not understand why he loses it so badly when we remove the bottle during his feeding. I think the adult version of this situation can be best described below:

SCENARIO: You are in a wonderful Italian restaurant. You are starving and the waiter has served you the best lasagna you have ever eaten. You are eating this Heaven like lasagna: “Man, this is good lasagna, I can’t stop eating it. Oh man, it is so good. Oh, so good…wait. why are you taking my food, I was eating, what the hell is wrong with you. Stop hitting my back. I will burp when I want to burp. I am hungry, damn you…oh, my food is back. Oh it is so good. This lasagna is amazing, I could eat it forev…wait why are you taking my food away again. Goddamn you, I am so hungry. What kind of sick joke is this?”

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