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My baby has a new favorite food: his fist.

September 6, 2011

My baby boy developed a new skill the other day…if you can call putting your fist in your mouth a skill. It started slowly with him just nibbling at his hand but now he loves to put his fist in his mouth. I can already tell he is a picky eater because he will only put his left fist in his mouth. He does not even seem to consider nibbling on his right fist. My wife and I think that this is a sign that he must be left handed since that is the hand he likes to chew on (weak logic but my wife is a lefty…i wonder at what age we will actually figure out his dominant hand).  I think he enjoys his fist now more than his pacifier. At first I thought this was a sign that he was hungry but I have come to realize he thinks milk is for dinner and the fist is for dessert.

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