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Now that our baby is 10 weeks old, what does he no longer do?

September 6, 2011

Zachary is 10 weeks old. Doesn’t he look awesome in the above photo. The dude is going to be a heart-breaker. Now that he is old and mature, I want to look back on the things that Zachary no longer does:

  • He no longer falls asleep while eating…I am so happy this has passed.
  • His crying is more subdued at times. He does not always cry like he is about to be murdered. He still has his outbursts but at other times it is just more of a wimper which makes Mommy and Daddy’s eardrums very happy.
  • He has not peed while changing him in weeks…I am sure I am jinxing myself by mentioning this.
  • He does not fall asleep face first on Daddy’s belly anymore…I miss this one.
  • He does not fall right to sleep after eating but instead he actually stays awake for a while and interacts.
  • He no longer wakes up six times throughout the night…thank God!!! He usually wakes up just once a night now (except for when he randomly tortured us last night).
  • He no longer pretends not to know who Mommy and Daddy are.
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