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Day 4 of the Zachary Sleeping Crisis

September 9, 2011

Last night started with a rather ominous sign, Zachary would not go to sleep. Our baby usually goes to sleep around 8PM. I tried the swing, rocking in my arms, the stroller but nothing seemed to work. I only got him to sleep after a walk around the neighborhood a little after 9PM. My wife and I were scared that we were in for another brutal night. I insisted we just leave him in the stroller as moving him to the crib was not worth the risk of waking him (you never disturb a sleeping lion). I also assumed we would just move him to the crib when he awoke in an hour or two. And, how did our boy respond to the stroller? He just slept. He did not wake up until a little after 4AM. The only odd thing was he cried out a couple of times during the night but every time we would check on him it would turn out that his eyes were closed and he was just crying out in his sleep. I hope we are not giving our boy night terrors.  We are very hopeful that we have turned a corner in this sleeping crisis and our baby’s return to his crib tonight will not prevent our boy from having another long night of sleep.

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