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Never Awake vs. Always Awake

September 12, 2011

Seeing Zachary sleep during the day has become a rare sight

When Zachary was first born he would sleep a lot. I mean a lot. He would wake up every hour or two or three to eat but then he would go back to sleep. His basic pattern was to wake up, eat, get cranky, go back to sleep and repeat (pooping was sprinkled in throughout the day). My wife was getting worried because he was hardly awake during the day. Zachary is now almost 11 weeks old and now we can’t seem to get him to sleep during the day. Starting at like 6:30AM on most days he is just awake for much of the day. His pattern is now to eat, play and interact, get really groggy and start rubbing his eyes, go to sleep, sleep peacefully, then 10 minutes later be bright-eyed and flailing around. And, when he finally does nap it will always be later in the day at a time when we actually want him to be awake so we can feed him and get him ready for a long night sleep. We really need to get this boy on a schedule. My wife bought a new book about baby sleep that we hope helps.

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