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Our baby performed a miracle last night

September 14, 2011

I am not a religious man. I am skeptical of most miracles from Moses parting the Red Sea to the image of the Virgin Mary appearing on a flour tortilla in Texas (why does the image of the Virgin Mary or Jesus only appear to the same people that get abducted by UFOs?). The only true miracles in my lifetime have been the Miracle on Ice, the ground ball going through Bill Buckner’s legs and the fact that Snookie will earn more from her involvement with Jersey Shore than most lawyers or doctors will earn in a lifetime.  Last night, my wife and I bore witness to a miracle. Our 11 week old baby went to sleep at around 9PM and did not wake up until 6:15AM this morning. It was absolutely incredible. We actually felt somewhat well rested this morning. And, when he woke our baby wasn’t even freaking out because he had not eaten since 8PM the previous night, instead he was smiling just waiting to eat.  We are truly blown away by the fact that he slept through the night and positive that he will wake up at few times tonight and dash our dreams of being well rested (my wife actually said that for her birthday she wants to stay in a hotel without me and the baby and just sleep all day and all night). And, when our baby does wake up in the middle of the night tonight I am going to ask the question I keep wondering, “Does our baby give us these glimmers of hope just to f#$ck with us?”.

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