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BabyCenter demands that I do Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions for my baby

September 15, 2011

When my wife was preggers I signed up for weekly e-mails from BabyCenter.  BabyCenter sends e-mails each week that updates you on your child’s development and they continue after he is born. I always like reading these e-mails but the email from this week had an odd suggestion:

Reading to your baby, even at this young age, will pay off. Hearing you read helps your baby develop an ear for the cadence of spoken language. Varying the pitch of your voice, using accents, and singing willmake the connection between you and your baby that much more interesting.

Do they want me to tap dance and do stand-up comedy for my baby as well? I know reading is good for babies as well as speaking to them and even singing…but are they serious about “using accents”?  Do they want me to start doing impressions? Am I supposed to fool my baby, “ha ha son, that was not really your father’s identical twin british brother.” And BabyCenter does not even bother to suggest which type of accent is better, should I be doing  a French, Cockney or Jersey accent (and will the Jersey accent result in my boy ramming his head into a concrete wall like the Situation)? Or, should I start imitating famous people with accents so my son thinks Robert De Niro and Arnold Schwarzenegger have stopped by our house? Our son is now 11 weeks old and he is a bit unresponsive during conversation. I guess if “using accents” keeps us from losing our mind then why the heck not. I will unsubscribe from these e-mails if next week’s e-mail suggests that juggling is good for our child’s development.

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