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Is it weird that our baby cries in his sleep?

September 16, 2011



A new thing that has been introduced into our baby world is the fact that our baby will cry at night BUT he won’t be awake.  We will hear him crying on the baby monitor and go check on him but his eyes will be completely shut (the cries are more like whines/whimpers compared to his awake bullhorn loud cries). He will cry in his sleep for a little while and then stop and continue to sleep for a while. So, now when he does cry at night we have to first figure out whether he is actually asleep before getting his bottle ready. I will go into his room and, with the lights still off, stare really closely to figure out if his eyes are open. The other night I did this and I swore his eyes were open. I turned on the light and his eyes were glued shut. So, I turned off the light and checked once more and his eyes were super wide open like he was possessed (it was super freaky). According to some posts we found online (nothing more accurate than random posts online) our baby could be crying in his sleep because of gas or because he is hungry but too tired to wake up to eat (now that is seriously tired). Either way, we are not sure exactly what to do about this and we do not want to wake a sleeping baby.  Last night he cried at 3AM for almost a half hour on and off but never woke and slept until 6AM. I can’t believe our baby is now waking us when he is still sleeping. Again, I have to ask my new favorite question, “is our baby just f$%cking with us?”.

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