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Dear New York Times, GO SCREW YOURSELVES!!!

September 18, 2011

There is an article this week in the New York Times Sunday Style section called “Fathers and the XX-Factor” that reports that a new scientific study shows that a man’s testosterone level decreases when he has kids. The story starts with the cute above pictures and you think it will be a fun article about fathers and sons but instead the article is anything but a fun read for men. The study it reports on says that the more time men spend rearing children the more their testosterone level drops. Now, I do not know the merits of this study and maybe further research will dispute its findings but I ask the New York Times and the “scientists” who carried out this study, WHAT IS THE GODDAMN POINT OF THIS STUDY IN THE FIRST PLACE???!!!!  Is this study from the same people that bring you pointless studies like prisoners don’t like prison or that men think about sex a lot or that cats don’t do well in microwaves? Did the scientists see some kind of problem they wanted to address? Where they concerned that the plague of attentive fathers might spread and become trendy? Where the scientists finished solving real problems in society like poverty and Cancer and just had some extra time on their hands? I understand that the New York Times did not actually do this study but why did they think it merited placement on the front page of a popular weekend section? The article then goes on to quote men who reacted to the new study by defending their manhood. Great, in a time when there are so many absentee fathers out there the New York Times decides to give more publicity to a pointless study that forces the men that ACTUALLY DO CARE for their children to defend their manhood. What is next, will the New York Times report on a study that makes Doctors defend themselves for actually caring for their patients or a study that makes bigger kids feel bad for not bullying smaller kids? I believe the New York Times and these “scientists” are already working a new article for next week on a study that tries to solve the problem of not enough adult men physically abusing their pets.

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  1. September 20, 2011 12:22 am

    you should absolutely send this as a letter to the editor

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