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“Up All Night” should be renamed “Oh, we also have a baby”

September 21, 2011

It doesn’t seem like the writers of this show stayed Up All Night trying to make it funny….and that was a terrible joke. A while back I saw a preview of this show and I actually thought it looked pretty good. I am now 12 weeks into having a baby and I think there are tons of very funny moments involved in having a baby that would make for a fantastic comedy. And, add in Will Arnett and Christina Applegate and how can this show not be funny? Well, I watched the first episode and noticed something odd, the show is really not about raising a baby at all. The baby is oddly a background character. I get the feeling the writers got suckered into writing a show about having a baby and are already trying to write the baby out of the show. The show starts with the couple finding out they are having a baby and then jumps six months to the wife going back to work and the couple being completely used to having a baby. All the funny discoveries and unexpected problems that come with a newborn are completely skipped over. The show is called “Up All Night” yet the time period when you sleep the least when the baby is first born is completely skipped over. The show then follows Christina Applegate returning to work where she works for an Oprah-like woman played by Maya Rudolph. Unfortunately, a majority of the show then focuses on Christina at work and how she deals with this wacky Oprah-like boss (I would bother to learn the characters’ names but I fairly certain this show will not be on the air long enough to make it worthwhile). One improvement I have to suggest is to have Maya Rudolph’s character get eaten alive by zombies in the second episode and to barely show Christina Applegate at work again.  Later in the show we see the mom and dad going out for a big night to celebrate their anniversary involving lots of drinking and lots of karaoke (but not lots of laughs and no explanation of how they convinced some babysitter to stay until 3AM). They then come home late and have to deal with a crying child while they are super tired and hung over. The show’s writers don’t quite understand that you don’t have to stay out late or be hung over to be tortured by a crying baby. I am not sure the writers of this show even have kids as they seem have completely forgotten all the humor involved in having a baby. For this show to have a future the writers really need to focus more on the baby especially given the title of the show and to add jokes to the script as the show was about as funny as an episode of Law & Order.  The writers need to realize that a lot of people out there have or had babies and these people might actually like to see a show about all the unexpected comedy involved in raising a baby. I do at least look forward to whatever show Will Arnett and Christina Applegate will start auditioning for in the next few weeks when this show is cancelled and I do also look forward to never seeing Maya Rudolph on television again.

SIDE NOTE: The one joke the writers kept going back to was cursing around the baby and then being like maybe we should not curse. First, that is not such an original joke. Second, it would have been much funnier if they were like yeah we can curse as long as we say it nicely because our baby has no idea what we are saying. I am begging the writers to use some original jokes going forward.

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  1. September 21, 2011 1:41 pm

    how disappointing. i had a feeling this was going to happen…
    and ps, don’t pretend like Jerry Orbach isn’t hilarious. that man is a treasure trove of puns.

    and pps, if you haven’t already checked it out, Raising Hope is a good show


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