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The Magical Mystery Wet Spot

September 26, 2011

Twice in the last week I have had my baby Zachary on my lap and discovered a large wet spot on my pants when I removed him (not quite as large as the wet spot in the above picture). I know anyone who is reading this would just assume my baby peed on me and those people are probably right. The mysterious part was how it occurred. I never felt a stream of pee on me. Zachary had a diaper and was dressed in a onesie the whole time. While there was pee in the diaper his outfit was not particularly wet. I don’t understand how the pee escaped his diaper without wetting his outfit but wetting my pants (I was so confused that I actually smelled the wet spot). I expect that my baby will pee on me while I am changing him but how does he pee on me when his diaper is already on? Is his wee-wee aimed perfectly at the only whole in the diaper wall? Does my baby have magical pee? Is it weird that I did not even change my pants right away?

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