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Why the hell do we own a Bjorn???

September 27, 2011

I get it; it is the yuppie baby backpack or I guess frontpack in this case. The Bjorn is for the parent on the go who doesn’t want the inconvenience of actually having to hold their baby. The Bjorn actually sounded like a great idea to me at first because you can take your baby with you without having to push around a big stroller, and your baby can stay close to you while your hands remain free to do stuff like open doors or make guacamole. In practice, the Bjorn has been completely useless to us so far. First off, it took my wife and I forever to figure how to even use the Bjorn, failing on three separate attempts before figuring it out. (I really do not understand why every item I have to put together for the baby is increasingly more complicated. Every time I get something new for him I feel like I am taking the SATs on no sleep). We have also realized that most of the time when we leave the apartment it is just more convenient to have a stroller with us. Our baby sleeps well in the stroller, we can put packages underneath, and having the stroller makes it much easier to store items we might need in an emergency such as the all important extra diapers. Also, having our baby in the stroller makes it much more difficult for him to spit up or poop on us (that would be quite a trick if he could poop on me all the way from the stroller).  At least in theory we could wear the Bjorn around the apartment keeping our hands free to accomplish stuff but that would require me to both put the Bjorn on and to have the energy to accomplish things around the apartment. So far, the Bjorn has only been useful at transforming me into the dorkiest looking father ever.

UPDATE: I would like to add that the Bjorn was a fantastic gift that we really appreciate. I am sure will will get more use out of it going forward.

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  1. September 28, 2011 3:46 pm

    when that boy is in an “i need to be held all day long” phase, you will eat these words, my friend.


  1. Oooh Bjorn, I love your way, everyday…and other Baby Zachary updates « newdaddyhood

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