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I am three months old which means I am three times as awesome as I was two months ago

September 28, 2011

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Trivia Question: It has been three months…

a) since I was born

b) since you felt well rested

c) Ha Ha, all of the above

Did you notice that last week I actually slept pretty well but that this week I am waking up all the time and driving you nuts. That is my way of showing you guys that I RUN THIS SHOW. No Mommy and Daddy, you guys are not in charge, you can’t tell me when it is bedtime. I am baby and baby is in charge.  I sleep when I want to so you better back off with your sleeping schedule because if you make me angry there is no telling what might regurgitate out of my mouth.

Yeah parent people, me getting older and I am only becoming even more of an all-star. You may have noticed some cool new things I do. I now can touch one hand to the other and scratch that hand. That E*trade baby wishes he could do that trick. Even cooler was that yesterday I started playing with my feet (though you wouldn’t know that Daddy because I only have done that trick for the ladies…yeah I am talking about Mommy). You may have also noticed that I know who you guys are now. Daddy, you may have noticed that when you are holding me and Mommy walks by my eyes and head follow her. That is because Mommy is da bomb. Sorry Daddy, your all right but you not awesome like Mommy.

By the way, I know I still spit up randomly throughout the day but that is no reason to make me wear a bib all day. You gonna make me look like a…well you know what I mean.


Zachary “I am kind of a big deal” Kaplan

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