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Google is great at answering the most random baby related questions

September 30, 2011

We have lots of questions about weird things our baby does and google has lots of answers. Yesterday I came home to find my wife had typed into google “baby won’t stop hiccuping”. Google returned 1.6 million hits. I guess baby hiccups drive lots of people crazy and the great thing is that Google let my wife know that this is fairly common. My wife said that our baby hiccuped yesterday for over two hours straight. She said she was not exaggerating and she almost lost it. Our pediatrician and everything we have read have has told us that only we, not the baby mind the hiccuping. Still after two hours I think my wife would have dialed 911 if it were not for there beings tons of message boards online where other mothers all described their own babies hiccuping to no end and it not being an actual problem. Thank you Google for averting a crisis.

Side note: The problem with baby hiccups is we can’t use any known methods to cure them. We can’t explain to our baby that he should hold his breath and scaring our baby seems like about the worst idea possible. I am fairly certain if I could make a cure for baby hiccups I would make millions.

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